2013 Global Logistics Supply Chain Conference & the 4th China Logistics Action

         Thanks to its rapid development, China has now become one of the manufacturing and consuming centers globally. However, in today’s ever changing world, continuous economic growth is now faced with severe challenge. The aura of “Made in China” is shrinking. The manufacturing plants of those multinational corporations which have seen better days are now moving away from China and back to such developed countries as the USA and Japan. Moreover, new economic modes such as e-business are thriving and the urbanization here in China becomes more intensified... China is experiencing a transformation never seen before.

         In such a transformation, the old mode for economic growth is now much restrained while the new economic growth pole has not yet come into being. And that requires us to be with a historical insight and a way of thinking which is both prospective and innovative. Moreover, we must be wise enough to review the real value of logistics and supply chain, to redefine the mode of our logistics and supply chain and to optimize the allocation of global resources. By doing so, we are expected to grasp the opportunities and face the challenges brought about by globalization of market and to rebuild our competitiveness. These are undoubtedly practical initiatives for promoting development of our companies and a new round of economic growth.

         2013 Global Logistics Supply Chain Conference (GLSC) & the 4th China Logistics Action will be held from 29th to 30th, May, 2013 in Shanghai.

         Committed to promoting the development and integration of China’s manufacturing industry and logistics industry, China Logistics Action has been successfully held for three sessions and becomes the most influential public welfare activity in China’s logistics industry. Currently, GLSC 2013 is a high end commercial platform here in China based on China Logistics Action and co-founded by www.soo56.com and the BVL International and so on, aiming at linking global logistics companies and resources.

The guest speaker

De material Lo-NET-Co
Ding Junfa
The chief adviser
Dai Dingyi
China Society of logistics
Fang Dianjun
Logistics Research Institute
Tian Yuanyuan
Volkswagen Group
Xu Shaoming
Amway China Transportation
Jacky Wang
Chief Technology Officer HP Enterprise Services